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Nice n Fresh Photography

“Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.”

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Book your tour with Sasendle today. Your seat is already confirmed.
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Book your accommodation in Namibia’s National Parks (owned and operated by Namibia Wildlife Resorts), including the Etosha National Park and Sossusvlei for your Namibia Travel through the offices of Namibia Reservations!
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Desert Express was designed and built in Namibia and has been winding through our beautiful country since 3 April 1998. Burnt amber upholstery, rich golden-red woods and animal motifs are just a few ways to tastefully echo the landscape through which you travel.
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Overnight safaris on the houseboats will take you down the Zambezi and/or Chobe Rivers to enjoy, with the river as your platform, the fascinating array of fauna and flora this region has to offer. Travel at a leisurely pace down the expanse of these mighty rivers with its endless floodplains and breathtaking sunsets.
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Botswana Sunset

Botswana is a premier safari destination in Africa offering some of the best wildlife viewing on the planet, especially in and around the Chobe and Okavango Delta region.

Travel Gift Vouchers

Book a holiday or accommodation, with a value of your choice, for a loved one and surprise them with a personalized voucher.

About Us

Namibia Reservations was established in 2002 and are situated in Germania Street 26 in Otjiwarongo. The closed corporation is run by owner Mark Mücke. 

The young and vibrant team at Namibia Reservations will be happy to assist you in all your travel requirements, bookings and requests; whether it is accommodation, air tickets, adventure activities, transfers, travel tips, conferencing, self drive tours, car rentals, group tours, fly in tours or granting you assistance with planning your own Namibia Safari.

All the services rendered by us are carefully handled and planned in order to make sure that you will have the unforgettable holiday you always dreamed of. 

We have a feedback facility on our website and look forward to receive your feedback so that we can constantly improve our service. 

Mark Mücke
Mark Mücke - Owner

This handsome man is the man who started it all. He came up with the idea to start Namibia Reservations in 1998 at the age of 23, however only opening it’s doors in the year 2002. “There is never a dull moment, and having so many woman in the office can be very challenging at times.” He says. This dexterous fellow’s interests is farming, sport and traveling. Mark loves finding solutions to problems concerning the client and Namres. And with him in the office you will surely be cracking up with laughter.

Anzaan Fourie
Anzaan Fourie - Accounts Manager

This delightful rose has been with Namibia Reservations for longer than 7 years. All things nature runs through her veins and she is most happy when outdoors. This loving personality could not be missed at first impression. Solving problems is her forte, and when in need of a shoulder Anzaan's door is always open.

Jolitta Janse van Rensburg - Head of Consultants

This magnificent woman’s love is to work with her clients and to give them what they want.She love’s going the extra mile for them. Jolitta's clients feel comfortable with her as she helps them with all their travel needs. The love of her life is her little boy. With her dazzling personality, she thinks on her feet and takes on every obstacle that comes her way with grace and poise.

Magret Mtileni - Tour Consultant

Hailing from the North of Namibia, this extraordinary woman loves interacting with different kinds of people. Always friendly and happy, Magret enjoys reading, reading and more reading. Above all things on earth Magret loves her family most. Her best quality is that she’s dependable. You can be sure to always have a smile on your face when being in the same room as Magret.

Jaenena Katjitundu - Tour Consultant

We all call here “Jane”. Jane has a really great sense of style. being part German, Jane is a real hard worker. Double checking everything is how I would describe Jane. She’s gorgeous and a pleasure to be around.

Theobald Sheehama - Tour Consultant

Her mind is set on her work. Theobald is the one who ALWAYS works late to give her clients the best service possible. We have received amazing feedback from Theobald’s clients.

Sarah Croza - Tour Consultant

Sarah enjoys making her clients laugh. If you hear a laughter coming from somewhere in the office you could be sure that it’s Sarah cracking everyone up. She has a good sense of humor. Although Sarah loves to joke around she treats her clients with the highest respect and you could be sure to receive a fast response with her handling your booking.

Virginia Shomeya - Tour Consultant

The office mouse as I like to call her. Virginia does not say much...but wait till she’s on the phone with you. With her dainty voice, Virginia will make your booking experience a very relaxed one.

Sharon Ngapurue - Tour Consultant

If you like to laugh you could just turn to Sharon. Making funny faces when you look at her will bring any mood to a great mood! This “shorty” can also be very serious when it comes to work. Asking for more and more clients to keep her hands full.

Virginia Both - Admin Clerk/Switchboard

This delicate flower loves to sing, play netball and socialize. Everyday-challenges is what makes this girl tick. She loves working with clients and team work is very important to her. If this hardworking bee had to be summed up into one word, I would say “steadfast”.

Kariza Kuhn - Debtors Clerk

This sublime young lady’s interests are the outdoors, but her heart lies with her family. This chirpy gal I have never seen without a smile, keeping the office in high spirits is her job. She loves working with people and always friendly and helpful.

Lameez Swartz - Accounts Assistant

Lameez is our baby in the office. She enjoys laughing and being silly. Keeping the office humble, Lameez’s soft heart handles our lodges and clients with ease. Family is top priority to this golden girl.

Noellien Diergaardt - Sales & Marketing Clerk

This superb fascination enjoys challenges and exploring new possibilities. She does not come short in encouragement and focus. When Noellien sets her mind to achieve a goal, she would go all out to retain the best possible outcome in her goal. She enjoys music and describes her two daughters as her life. Learning new things everyday is what this young lady aspires to.

Alicia Camm - Sales & Marketing Clerk

This beautiful lady, loves meeting new people, watching movies and spending time with her family and friends. A conversation will never get dull when having it with this stunning personality, as socializing is what she loves most about her job. 

Chanel Haccou
Chanel Haccou - Sales & Marketing Clerk

“Don’t change yourself to please others, you aren’t born to please people” The favorite quote of Chanel Haccou. She enjoys being outside and traveling. She loves getting things done, and having goals is a must!

Melody #Gaeses - Office Assistant

This humble & softhearted lady with her magical cleaning skills, keeps our office ship-shape and sparkling. She is hardworking and eager to learn more. Her biggest love is her kid, and time spent with her family is most precious.

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