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Nhoma Safari Camp

Description in other languages:   Nhoma Safari Camp

Nhoma Safari Camp is an activity orientated, semi-luxury tented camp situated in the north east of Namibia on the communal land of the Ju/’hoan Bushmen or San, 80km from Tsumkwe. The camp is situated in a wilderness area on a vegetated dune with a 180 degree view over the Nhoma omuramba (fossil river bed) and is adjacent to the Ju/’hoan village by the name of //nhoq’ma.

The camp can be reached by road (even by normal sedan vehicles), a 3 hour, 280km drive from Grootfontein, the nearest big town in Namibia. Turn off from the B8 between Grootfontein and Rundu onto the C44. The turnoff north to Nhoma/Aasvoelnes is reached after about 185km (40km before Tsumkwe). Nhoma is 40km along this road This is a proclaimed road (suitable for any sedan and normally in good condition, but may deteriorate unexpectedly. Keep below a speed of 80 kph). There is a parking area below the dune on which the camp is situated. Fuel is not available. There is an airfield at the camp.

Nhoma Safari Camp
Nhoma Safari Camp
Nhoma Safari Camp Facilities
  • 10 Safari Tents on wooden decks:
  • 5 are spacious en-suite double meru tent, 3 have Double and Single Bed, 2 have double bed only. Bathrooms have a bath with shower head above and is inside a partition of the main tent.
  • 5 smaller Twin tents under thatch with bathroom outside and just behind each tent.
  • Dome Tents with bedding and sharing ablution can be put up for 6 or more guests.
  • Open Dining area under a large thatch roof
  • Restaurant
  • A solar system and gas provides light and hot water
  • Cellphone reception in the central dining area and batteries can also be charged there.
Nhoma Safari Camp Rates



 Single Room

N$ 4900.00 FI

 Double Room

N$ 7800.00 FI

FI: Standard Package (SP): One-and-a-half day, two nights Fully Inclusive - Arrival times are to be advised in order for us to arrange afternoon/evening activities and for emergencies. All meals, drinks and activities are included. Lunch on first day also to be pre-booked.

Camping Per Person

N$ 250.00 SC

Nhoma Safari Camp Activities

The actual activities may vary from descriptions below due to variables such as weather conditions,decisions of the Ju/'hoan community around whose lives the activities are centred, and possible emergencies. We do our best to keep the programme interesting and the guests engaged.

  • Half day activity on first afternoon/evening: craft making by women, preparing for the hunt by the men, traditional healing dance on at least one evening, but alternatively, a short night drive can be undertaken. Activities start at 3 pm in winter and 4 pm in summer.
  • Cultural experience (one or two days): Guests accompany Ju'hoan Bushman/San hunters into the bush to collect plant foods, search for honey and track animals. Traditional medicines are pointed out along the way. Games are played in the afternoon, followed by a healing dance at night which is not a performance, but the way illness is cured. Day visitors will see the dance in daylight.No fixed programme is ever followed and the intensity/duration of the walk can be adapted. Sleeping out in the bush in the hunting area (outside rainy season) can be arranged.
  • Khaudum tours (one or more days): Only advisable from July to October when game numbers are higher. The entrance to the park is 60km or a one-and-a-half hour drive away. Overnight tours at fully-inclusive daily rate can be arranged. A Khaudum escort (guide with vehicle) can be arranged at the daily per person activity rate, provided guests are fully self sufficient regarding food, drink and camping equipment.
  • Tour to the Nyae Nyae pans (interesting bird life) and extraordinary baobab trees south-east of Tsumkwe. Area may be inaccessible from February to March due to heavy rains.
Nhoma Safari Camp Location

C44 to Tsumkwe: turn off to Nhoma/ Aasvoelnes 40km
West of Tsumkwe on the D3301. 4WD is not required. From the turn off it is 40km to the camp. 2WD vehicles must park below the camp and 4WD can drive up to the camp.
S1914’14” and E02014’10”
Elevation 3790 ft
Length 1000m
Directions: 09/27

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