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Overnight safaris on the houseboats will take you down the Zambezi and/or Chobe Rivers to enjoy, with the river as your platform, the fascinating array of fauna and flora this region has to offer. Travel at a leisurely pace down the expanse of these mighty rivers with its endless floodplains and breathtaking sunsets.
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Botswana Sunset

Botswana is a premier safari destination in Africa offering some of the best wildlife viewing on the planet, especially in and around the Chobe and Okavango Delta region.

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Uri Adventure

7 Days Luderitz to Walvis Bay Adventure

The Namib Desert is a vast expanse of rough country that stretches from the southern border of Namibia to the south west corner of Angola. On its eastern boundary is the Namib escarpment, and on its west, the icy Atlantic Ocean. The Namib sand sea, with its colossal dunes and photogenic formations for which Namibia is so well known, about 400km in length and up to 160 km in width, forms a great deal of this ancient desert, covering an area of 34000km˛.Through years of experience, URI Adventures will guide you through the full length of this formidable dune belt beginning in Luderitz in the south and ending where the Kuiseb river once met the sea, near Walvis Bay in the north.
The route follows a trail of relics that have remained in the desert for over 100years, left behind by the adventurers, seafarers and diamond seekers, in a time when there were vast, unexplored areas of unknown riches.
After the discovery of the first diamond near Luderitz in 1908 and the proclamation of the Sperrgebiet, the diamond hunters who hadn't already staked their claims, headed north, into the unknown, creating a route that was paved with hope and littered with desperation. Using ingenious methods and the strongest determination, they achieved their dreams in this unforgiving and remote environment, though success proved short-lived.
The completion of this route is a challenge for all, but ultimately a thrilling and memorable experience unlike any other.


Relics of the years gone by
An abandoned Ford ”stompneus” truck-Suzy, abandoned in the 50's still waits for repair. Not far, a bulldozer pulling trailers with supplies met with a similar fate. The remains of a vegetable garden on a desolate stretch of coastline, now frequented only by gemsbok. Old mining establishments, complete with rusted machinery tell a tale of hardship and desperation. Ox wagons abandoned and left to the mercy of the elements. A meat canning factory in one of the most idyllic settings ,taken over by the dunes.

The Langewand
Massive dunes tower above the coastline, running parallel with the beach creating an impenetrable wall running for kilometers along a stretch of coast, with only a few meters between the sand and the sea. This” long wall” only allows a short time for vehicles to pass before the incoming tide reclaims the passage. 

The Whale Graveyard of Meob Bay
Approximately 5 km out to sea from a beach just south of Meob Bay, lies Hollams Bird Island, Namibias most northern island. It was here that the whale hunters used its protection from the rough atlantic storms, to process their catch. The unwanted carcasses were cast into the sea, and are now lying strewn along the coast, creating a haunting reminder of the past.

Desert Diamonds
Nestled in between the dunes on the old exposed sea bed, just south of Conception Bay, lie the alluvial diamond fields that were a hub of activity between 1909 and 1932.Three settlements were established ,their bleak skeletons that have been invaded by the moving sands are all that remain.

Shipwrecks of the Skeleton Coast
The 1572 km coastline of Namibia has claimed hundreds of vessels, most hidden under the sandy shore. The Eduard Bohlen, wrecked in 1909 and now 400 m from sea, is one of Namibia's most famous shipwrecks. The Shawnee, stranded in 1976,is one of the newer additions.

Sandwich Harbour
A long sand spit harbours a majestic lagoon that is steeped in history and rich with birdlife. Nestled by the Atlantic on the west and high dunes on the east which provide expansive views of this Namibian landmark.


ROUTE: Luderitz – Suzy, loneliest truck in the desert .

The Adventure starts at Luderitz were the group assembles at 18h00 the evening at a venue to be advised for a dinner briefing before venturing into the desert the next day. (Accommodation for this evening is not included in the tour package. Ask your Tour Consultant to assist you with bookings).



ROUTE: Suzy – Sylvia Hill

After backtracking for about 30km on the Luderitz to Aus main road it is time to say goodbye to tar roads, starting an adventure of a lifetime. On day one we pass the ‘stompneus’ Ford and camp close to Suzy.



ROUTE: Sylvia Hill - Fischersbrun

On the second day the trail leads north passing Suzy and the Bulldozer before crossing into the dune belt on the way to Sylvia Hill. For the next couple of days participants will experience ‘camping under the desert sky’ in true expedition style.



ROUTE: Fischersbrun – Holsatia

Dunes are getting progressively higher and driver experience and skills acquired during the previous 2 days will be tested and honed to perfection. Camping on the beach.


Day 5

ROUTE: Holsatia – Sandwich Harbour

The dune belt opens up at Meob Bay and it is in this stretch between Meob Bay and Conception Bay that active diamond mining were in the order of the day during the early 1900’s. The settlements of Holsatia, Charlottenfelder and Grillenberger are visited en route.


Day 6

ROUTE: Sandwich Harbour

From Holsatia the trail leads to Conception Bay and along the beach northwards towards Sandwich Bay. En route the wrecks of the Eduard Bohlen & Shawnee are visited. Passing ‘Langewand’ where massive dunes ends in the sea, given a very limited time span to negotiate this stretch of beach. After Langewand the trail once again leads into the dunes, circumnavigating the Salt Pans ‘extensions’ of Sandwich Harbour. The dunes are still getting progressively larger to offer an ever changing new experience of ultimate dune driving. The night is spend approximately 1.5km from the sea close to Sandwich Bay at URI Adventures’ ‘Sandwich camp’.


Day 7

ROUTE: Sandwich Harbour – WalvisBay

From Sandwich the trail enters the ‘Roller Coaster’, a series of massive ‘roaring’ slip faces, not only giving the participants a new thrilling experience but also offering breathtaking views of Sandwich Harbour. Follow a panorama of sandscapes exiting onto the beach south of Walvis Bay. The trail ends at Walvis Bay around lunch time. Please contact our tour consultants who will assist with accommodation booking post the desert trip.

RATES (per Person):

Peak season:
01 March – 31 October & December

N$ 9 750.00 per person sharing
N$ 1 750.00 Single Supplement
N$ 1 950.00 Children ages 6-17 Years
N$ 700.00 Children ages 03-05 Years


Mandatory vehicle requirements:

Your own 4x4 vehicle!
60 litres of water of which 20 litres will be used by the kitchen and the remainder will be for shower purposes.
Bottled water for drinking.
60 x litres of water
Tyre pressure gauge
Toilet paper & matches
Plastic bags to carry rubbish, e.g. empty cool drink tins, etc.
Brake fluid
Gear oil
Engine oil
Spare V- belt set
Sufficient Petrol/Diesel to cover a distance of 750km.
Heavy sand driving conditions (+/- 3 km/liter and +/- 5 km/liter consumption for larger petrol and diesel engines respectively) will be experienced
NB!! Your vehicle must be fitted with points to attach tow ropes both in front and the rear
All equipment and luggage must be strapped in and securely fastened.
Vehicle must be loaded in such a way to ensure that the vehicle is not “Top Heavy” – e.g. only light items, camping gear on roof carriers
2 Large bags of firewood per vehicle
The trail passes through heavy dune area, which requires high flotation tyres ("fat takkies").
NO Trailors are allowed on this trip.


Concession fees
Breakfast and Dinner daily
Experienced guides with own vehicles
Two way radio’s for vehicles
Camping and accommodation fees


Accommodation in Luderitz on the first night.
Snacks and drinks
Camping gear
Travel insurance and vehicle insurance
Things of a personal nature

Supplied by URI Adventures:

Experienced guide and assistant.
Recovery equipment and on-site recovery only.
Communication radios for all participating vehicles
Breakfast and dinner (Please note that we only provide tea, coffee and fruit juices with our meals
“Communal” camping equipment (e.g. braai grid, cooking facilities & equipment, tables, wash-up facilities, showers etc.)

What to pack:

Tent, folding chair & sleepwear (bedroll, tent etc.)
Eating utensils and crockery, i.e. your own cutlery, plate, bowl, glass & mug
Own snacks & refreshments, i.e. any alcoholic beverages, cool drinks, etc.
Torch & batteries
Camera or video camera(extra films/memory cards & battery)
Sunglasses , hat & sun screen
Clothing (for both very hot and very cold weather)
Prescription medicine, basic First Aid Kit, insect repellent
Ground sheet to put suitcases, bedding, etc on while pitching/breaking camp or repacking vehicles.
Cloth and windscreen cleaner

Travel insurance and medical evacuation:

In case of a motor vehicle accident and or any medical related evacuation you must ensure you have your own emergency evacuation cover. Please supply us with these details so that we know who to contact in case of an emergency.

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