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Book your accommodation in Namibia’s National Parks (owned and operated by Namibia Wildlife Resorts), including the Etosha National Park and Sossusvlei for your Namibia Travel through the offices of Namibia Reservations!
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Overnight safaris on the houseboats will take you down the Zambezi and/or Chobe Rivers to enjoy, with the river as your platform, the fascinating array of fauna and flora this region has to offer. Travel at a leisurely pace down the expanse of these mighty rivers with its endless floodplains and breathtaking sunsets.
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Botswana Sunset

Botswana is a premier safari destination in Africa offering some of the best wildlife viewing on the planet, especially in and around the Chobe and Okavango Delta region.

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Uri Adventure

5 Days Faces of the Namib

Discover this desert’s unique treasures…

A world of infinite horizons, dramatic vistas and fascinating flora and fauna…

Reported to be the oldest desert on earth, the Namib is approximately 80 million years old. Completely devoid of surface water, it is bisected by several dry riverbeds and is characterised by extensive, undulating dunes. The Sahara may be larger and Gobi more isolated, but the Namib is the very oldest, so on this trip, prepare for the best desert experience possible! Our aim with this trip is to cross the desert from east to west experiencing all the wonders this desert has to offer.
With the assistance of our knowledgeable and experienced guides you will gain an insight into the history and biology of the untamed land.Training and advice will be given en-route and our guides will be on hand to talk you through any obstacles you might encounter. 2 Way radios are issued to each vehicle at the beginning of the trip. Not only are our guides there to get you to your final destination in a safe, enjoyable manner, but to provide you with 3 excellent meals each day.

The Living Desert: At first glance, the Namib’s interior appears totally devoid of fauna & flora but look closely and you’ll finds that apart from the diamonds and uranium that have been mined here, the desert’s unique plant and animal life is definitely another of its infinite treasures. One outstanding living wonder is the famous Welwitschia mirabilis, a plant that can live for up to five hundred years. Although its tenacity and longevity are remarkable, the fact that it has the appearance of a heap of garden refuse means that instead of an earth-shattering visual experience you may want to concentrate on its remarkable age when taking pictures!
The “Sheltering” Desert: At the start of the Second World War, German Henno Martin and his colleague and friend Hermann Korn, feared internment in a camp for Nazi’s. Consequently, they escaped into the Namib Desert. For two and a half years they eked out a living in this harsh environment. In later years, Martin published his account of this experience, titling his book, The Sheltering Desert and later their story was also made into a film. As you drive along, or when setting up camp, imagine trying to survive here without the luxuries offered to you on this trip. You may see the Namib in a different light!
The Desert of Diamonds: The discovery of diamonds in 1908 around Kolmanskuppe initiated an uncontrolled rush of prospectors into the region. The German Government was forced to establish the so-called “Sperrgebiet” between 26-degree line of latitude and Namibia’s southern border, stretching 100-kilometres inland. As a result, independent prospectors were forced to turn northwards beyond this area. This resulted in the discovery of diamonds at Spencer Bay and between Meob and the Conception Bay area (Diamond Area no. 2) during December 1908. A total of 5000 diamond claims were registered in 1909 and hopeful fortune hunters tried their luck at Saddle Hill and Spencer Bay, also traveling via Swakopmund and Sandwich Harbour southwards towards Meob Bay. However, the small yields of diamonds from these claims meant few were successful in their pursuit of riches.



Everybody assembles at Solitaire before nightfall. At Solitaire you will be able to get last minute supplies and fill fuel tanks to the brim. Remember-you need fuel for six days. After a detailed briefing of what to expect the next couple of days, you will be treated to a lovely meal around the campfire.




Solitaire to Kuiseb River Canyon. We depart from Solitaire and enter the Namib Nauklüft Park, 35kms north of town - restricted Namib area. This is the start of a unique adventure offering you aspects of the Namib seldom experienced by the “normal” tourist.

The route leads to the Kuiseb River. The landscape gradually changes from the typical Namib Plains into a colourful landscape of red sand dunes separated by grassy plains. The Kuiseb Canyon offers unique scenery. Its southern bank is formed by massive red sand dunes and northern bank by pitch black rock formations, while the riverbed itself is overgrown by massive endemic trees. The dry sand bed creates a kaleidoscope of green and white tones. We now proceed westwards along the edge of the canyon until we reach Homeb, an area where the dunes cascade into the river bed




From Homeb, we head southwest into the “sand sea”. On the way to Conception Bay massive dunes are negotiated. Once again ever-changing scenery and beautiful landscapes are enjoyed. Drivers’ skills are bound to be improving as the dunes offer greater and greater challenges. The linear dunes are massive, most are in excess of 150m high and need to be negotiated in order to get to our destination. We then make camp amongst them, enjoying the unique thrill of desert camping.


DAY 4 & 5


We are now heading west, as we leave the linear dunes behind passing by awe inspiring sandstone formations, proof of an ancient desert, uncovered by the same winds that created it. As we drive through the transverse dunes nearing Conception Bay, we arrive at our destination – ‘Olifantsbad’. Here we unpack the vehicles and prepare to spend 2 nights and a day. With unladen vehicles we drive down along the coast to the rusted wreck of the Eduard Bohlen, a passenger/cargo vessel that was stranded on the desolate beach in 1909. We head east to deserted diamond town, Holsazia, built by the Germans in 1909 and abandoned by the South Africans in the early 1930’s. Back at camp before sunset to enjoy a fantastic meal on our last night together.


Day 6


From Conception Bay you will be driving on the beach, heading northwards towards Sandwich Harbour, passing the wreck of the Shawnee and negotiating the famed Langewand where massive dunes meet the sea. Due to the tides, there is only a very limited time span to negotiate this stretch of beach. After Langewand the trail once again leads into the dunes, circumnavigating the salt pan ‘extensions’ of Sandwich Harbour on the way to Walvis. The trip then concludes over dinner at a restaurant at the 'waterfront' in Walvis Bay.

RATES (per Person): Mininum 20 persons

Peak season:
01 March – 31 October & December

N$ 9 750.00 per person
N$ 1 750.00 Single Supplement
N$ 1 950.00 Children 06-17 years
N$ 700.00 Children 03-05 years


Mandatory vehicle requirements:

Your own 4x4 vehicle!
60 x litres of water
Tyre pressure gauge
Toilet paper & matches
Plastic bags to carry rubbish, e.g. empty cool drink tins, etc.
Brake fluid
Gear oil
Engine oil
Spare V- belt set
Sufficient Petrol/Diesel to cover a distance of 550km.
NB!! Your vehicle must be fitted with points to attach tow ropes both in front and the rear
All equipment and luggage must be strapped in and securely fastened.
Vehicle must be loaded in such a way to ensure that the vehicle is not “Top Heavy” – e.g. only light items, camping gear on roof carriers
2 Large bags of firewood per vehicle
The trail passes through heavy dune area, which requires high flotation tyres ("fat takkies").


 Concession fees
 Park entry fees
 Government Levies
 Accommodation (Camping), dinner and breakfast Solitaire
 Dinner and accommodation in Walvisbay (last night)

Supplied by URI Adventures:

Communication radios for all participating vehicles
All meals (Please note that we only provide tea, coffee and fruit juices with our meals
“Communal” camping equipment (e.g. braai grid, cooking facilities & equipment, tables, wash-up facilities, showers etc.)

What to pack:

Tent, folding chair & sleepwear (bedroll, tent etc.)
·Eating utensils and crockery, i.e. your own cutlery, plate, bowl, glass & mug
·Own snacks & refreshments, i.e. any alcoholic beverages, cool drinks, etc.
·Torch & batteries
·Camera (extra films/memory cards & battery)
·Sunglasses & sun screen
·Clothing (for both very hot and very cold weather)
·Prescription medicine

Travel insurance and medical evacuation:

In case of a motor vehicle accident and or any medical related evacuation you must ensure you have your own emergency evacuation cover. Please supply us with these details so that we know who to contact in case of an emergency.

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